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  • Gold powder coated comet door knob escutcheon. The finish is metallic with a bit of gloss and shine, so the texture is very smooth.
  • Collage of all 5 powder coated variations of the comet doorknob escutcheon. They are cast aluminum with a variety of powder coatings on them: Silver, gold, matte black, gold vein, and black frost.
  • Matte black powder coated comet doorknob escutcheon. The surface is very smooth, and reflects light but is not glossy. The comet shape is like a diamond with slightly curved in edges and the bottom point is long. There is a hole in the center where the door knob goes.
  • The silver powder coated comet doorknob escutcheon. The surface is very smooth and has a glossy metallic finish. It is a light silver.
  • The silver escutcheon pictured with a chrome doorknob.
  • Gold comet pictured with a black doorknob. The black and gold contrast nicely!
  • Angled view of the gold comet with a black doorknob. You can more easily see how smooth and flat the face of the escutcheon is, but the top and bottom points are rounded over the edge. The two shortest points horizontally remain flat.
  • Gold vein powder coated comet escutcheon.  The gold vein is a pitted/ crackled texture that is a mixture of black and gold. It is still smooth and has a glossy finish that reflects light.
  • Comet Doorknob Escutcheon
  • Black frost powder coating is a crackled/ pitted texture that is a mixture of silver and black. still smooth and glossy, has a metallic shine.
  • Black frost comet paired with a black black doorknob.
  • Comet Doorknob Escutcheon
  • Bare aluminum comet escutcheon. There is no powder coating, so you can paint it whatever color you would like. The bare aluminum is brushed smooth and is a bright silver.
  • Comet Doorknob Escutcheon
  • Comet Doorknob Escutcheon
  • Comet Doorknob Escutcheon

Comet Doorknob Escutcheon

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The Comet Doorknob Escutcheon Backplate, is a stunning tribute to the atomic space age era of mid-century design.

Meticulously handcrafted, this backplate is cast from solid aluminum, offering both durability and a touch of timeless elegance.

Designed with precision in mind, the Comet backplate ensures a seamless fit for your door, elevating its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek and streamlined form captures the essence of the mid-century style, evoking a sense of atomic-inspired sophistication.

The Comet is available in a range of powder-coated colors to suit your preference, including Gold, Silver, Gold Vein, Matte Black, and Black Frost. However, if you desire a truly customized look, the backplate can also be ordered in a bare, uncoated aluminum finish, allowing you to paint it to match any color scheme or design scheme you envision.

Installation is a breeze with the Comet backplate. Simply place it against the door, secured by your doorknob. Its seamless integration with your existing hardware adds a touch of elegance while ensuring easy functionality.

Whether you're revamping your home's entryway or looking to add a touch of mid-century flair to a new project, the Comet Doorknob Escutcheon Backplate is the perfect choice. Embrace the atomic space age era with this handcrafted masterpiece that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Transform your doors into focal points and make a bold statement with the Comet backplate.

  •     Measure 11 1/4" tall, 4 1/2" wide and 3/8" thick.
  •     Fit a standard 2 3/8" back-set lock/handle. 
  •     The inner hole will accept a knob diameter up to 2 3/4”. 
  •     If you have a deadbolt above the door handle you must have 2 1/2" minimum distance between the knob flanges in order for the escutcheon to fit without interference.

Be sure to measure your lock set before ordering to ensure that this will fit properly. For a quick and easy way to measure the diameter of your doorknob, check out my tutorial on youtube.

Quick tutorial on installing the escutcheon, once you have your product!

*Doorknob is not included. Just used for photo reference*

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
LOVE this escutcheon!

I LOVE his escutcheon! It shipped quickly and has a substantial weight to it. I was a concerned about how the finish might look with my antique brass hardware but it looks like a great match. My house is being renovated and so we haven't hung our door yet. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

Emma S.
Great quality, looks great!

Great quality and easy to install! It looks great on my door. I am so happy with this purchase!

Well made and suits my door perfectly!

This is well made and suits my door perfectly. I could afford a mid-century style door handle, but this gives me the look at an affordable price.

Kelly B.
Great quality, wrapped with extra care!

Great quality. Wrapped with extra care along with a couple of sweet surprises!

Very nice, heavy metal!

Very nice, heavy metal which I like! Look great, fit easy.