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  • Matte black coating with a gold rimmed peephole viewer in the center.
  • Collage of all varieties of the comet door peephole viewer. They are cast aluminum with a variety of powder coating: silver, black, gold, and black frost.
  • Cast aluminum comet peephole viewer with silver powder coating. The shape is diamond with more curved in edges and a long point at the bottom. The powder coating is very smooth, a bit glossy, a light silver in color. The peephole is in the center, and has a silver rim.
  • Matte black powder coated comet peephole viewer. Soft and smooth in texture, reflects light but is not glossy. Peephole is silver rimmed.
  • Gold coated comet peephole. The gold is very smooth and has a metallic shine to it, but is not as glossy as the silver. The peephole viewer has a gold rim.
  • The black frost powder coating with a silver peephole. The black frost is a crackled/ pitted texture that is a mixture of silver and black. It has a bit gloss to it, so it is still smooth and reflects light.
  • The comet peephole viewer and comet doorknob escutcheon next to each other to compare the sizes. The peephole viewer is about a bit over half the size of the doorknob escutcheon.
  • Comet Door Peephole Viewer

Comet Door Peephole Viewer

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This stunning Comet Peephole Viewer not only exudes mid-century charm but also serves as a practical peephole viewer.

Embrace the vintage aesthetic of the 1950s while adding an element of intrigue and security to your decor. With its dual functionality, our Comet peephole viewer offers a unique and stylish way to enhance your space, providing both an eye-catching focal point and a discreet means of observing the world beyond. Experience the fusion of form and function with this exceptional creation that appeals to vintage decorators seeking elegance, nostalgia, and innovation.

Made from high-quality cast aluminum, our Comet Peephole viewer combines durability with timeless elegance. Its sleek and streamlined design captures the essence of the iconic mid-century style, making it an ideal addition to retro-themed exteriors.

Comes complete with 180 degree chrome  viewer. Viewer is adjustable from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" to accommodate different door thicknesses. Installation requires drilling a 9/16" hole through your door.

These measure 8" long x 3" wide x 5/16" thick.

They are available in the following finishes:

  • Silver Powder-coating with silver peephole viewer
  • Matte Black Powder-coating with silver peephole viewer
  • Matte Black Powder-coating with gold peephole viewer
  • Gold Powder-coating with gold peephole viewer
  • Black Frost Powder-coating with silver peephole viewer

For those seeking a cohesive look, complement your Comet Peephole Viewer with our matching Comet Doorknob Escutcheon and Comet Doorbell Button both expertly crafted to the same exacting standards.

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Great communication!

Great communication & fast delivery!

Perfect fit!

Love it! Perfect fit for our new front door. THANK YOU!

Amazing peep hole viewer!

Amazing peep hole viewer! We needed to buy a 9/16” drill bit to make our peep hole the right size. Totally worth it. Look how fabulous it is!


Love it! Great customer service too!

Awesome product!

Awesome product and used a video peephole.